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What is this new Greenfield KarTent?

Go Green – sleep in a 100% recyclable and water-resistant tent made out of cardboard. It has space for two people including baggage, you can paint and decorate it however you want and even better – it is built when you arrive at the festival…

Simple, but it offers comfort for max. 2 persons including storage space for your baggage. And if you want, you can book the KarTents with air mattresses and sleeping bags…

You don’t have to worry about the Set-up and Take-down, your tent will be built by the time you arrive! By the way – you can bring paint (no spray cans), stickers and more, to decorate your tent in your free time…

The KarTent-Camping is a separate area on the camping ground of the Greenfield. There will be no separate sanitary facilities or power supply provided.


  • Cardboard-tent 240 x 160 x 135 cm (l x w x h) for max. two persons
  • Also available with air mattress and sleeping bag for two persons
  • 100% recyclable, after the festival the tent will be recycled and new products will be manufactured
  • 100% water-resistant, tested and approved!
  • Set-up and Take-down done by the KarTent-Team on site
  • Cardboard beige, colorful or Picasso-style – you decide the look of your tent…
  • Stays cool and the sun won’t wake you up in the morning…
  • Little window on the back of the tent for fresh air
  • Marked-off area, that is only accessible with KarTent-wristband
  • The KarTent-Camping is behind the breakfast-tent
  • KarTent Camping-Opening hours Wednesday, 16.00 Uhr– Sunday, 12.00 Uhr

KarTent BASIC: CHF 99.00 per tent, max. 2 personen

KarTent PLUS: incl. air matress CHF 124.00 per tent, for 2 personen

KarTent SUPER: incl. air matress & sleeping bag CHF 160.00 per tent, for 2 personen

Festival tickets have to be bought additionally to the KarTent-Packages.

Pricing incl. MwSt. and presale fee

The KarTent Packages can be bought here: