After a 4-year album break, Halestorm released “Back From The Dead” in 2022 - and simply blew us away. The album takes the fears that have been building up over the last couple years on a rollercoaster ride and throws them out to the wind. With “Back From The Dead” Halestorm created a catchy title track and they doubled down on the smashing rock songs with “The Steeple”. With songs like “Raise Your Horns” they also show us that rock can be both soulful and powerful at the same time. The US rock band around Lizzy Hale has sold well over 2 million albums with their 5 studio albums. We're happy to have Halestorm back at the Greenfield Festival after their tour with Alter Bridge!


Saturday, 15:15 Uhr
Jungfrau Stage

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