Lorna Shore

For the New Jersey deathcore quintet Lorna Shore, 2020 signalled the pandemic and cancelled tours. The following year presented the band with a staggering creative challenge in the form of the song, “To the Hellfire” from their hugely well-regarded “…And I Return to Nothingness"-EP. Yet, through it all, they upped their sonic ante with "Pain Remains," an album that not only alloys together everything Lorna Shore has hinted at but it also exceeds that – brutally and magnificently. “Pain Remains” is the sound of a band that has honed their sound and identity. Lorna shore have woven together a sprawling document of ambition, soul and ability that few can match. Choral chants and orchestration, a labyrinth of musical twists, turns, technicalities and raw emotion. To the Hellfire!


Friday, 20:45 Uhr
Eiger Stage

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