Papa Roach

“I just feel like I’m channeling something.” The first words on any record can often give you the greatest insight into what lies ahead, and that’s certainly no different when it comes to “Ego Trip”. The eleventh studio album of a career that continues to carve a fearless and singular path, it’s one that sees Papa Roach continuing to break new ground in a time when many are desperate for what they once knew. As vocalist Jacoby Shaddix explains, now isn’t the time for comfort or conformity, but to be inspired and build something new. Something better. To channel something more. Powered by a tangible enthusiasm, “Ego Trip” is the sound of a band brimming with ideas that are fresh yet somehow familiar. With their 30th anniversary moving into view, the new record is a perfect link between a magnificent past and a future that is entirely their own.


Thursday, 20:50 Uhr
Jungfrau Stage

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