Saltatio Mortis

It's been over twenty years since this band had their first shows; Back then, the musicians stood on street corners with drums and bagpipes and played for the money that was thrown into their hats. Saltatio Mortis say today, that you wouldn't have thought that, back then: that with pointed shoes, bells and bagpipes you'd end up with four number one albums and a gold record after all. And the fact that such a colorful group still manages to be so successful even after twenty years in a world that is becoming increasingly gray - that alone is a sign that gives hope. “Für immer frei” is the name of Saltatio Mortis’ current album, and the title contains both acknowledgement and a call. This is the music of a band that knows its history and knows about the future; a band that is so safe that it is not afraid to take any risks; and Saltatio Mortis know that these days it is more important than ever not to leave strong rock and delicate folk to the enemies of freedom.


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