The Finalists Have Been Chosen!

22.01.19 16:00

Panem Et Circenses!..Bread and circus is all we need.. or better beer and music!

The battle for the two most desired concert slots has begun. The band contest of the Greenfield Festival goes into another round.

The band contest was called into life by the Greenfield Foundation in 2013 and takes place every year in spring. The concept is simple: six bands, carefully selected by experts, battle against each other – three in Zurich and three in Lausanne – for a slot at the biggest rock festival in Switzerland. The two winners, get the exclusive opportunity to prove themselves live in front of the audience at the Greenfield Festival 2019 and rock the stage.

Hundreds of Bands applied for the Greenfield Bandcontest 2019. After an intensive evaluation time, the judging panel has chosen the finalists for the grand Live-Battle!

The following bands will perform on stage in Zürich and Lausanne:

28 February 2019 – Zürich, Dynamo, Werk21
(Final German-speaking Switzerland)

SICKRET - Nu-Metal
THORN. - Metalcore
HELLVETICA - Modern Thrash

28 February 2019 – Lausanne, Bleu Lézard
(Final Romandie/Ticino)

ALMOST HUMAN - Hybrid Metal
HENRIETTE B - Metalcore
XAON - Dark Metal


Tickets will exclusively be sold at the box office.