The Line-up Is Done!

24.03.23 12:00

The Line-up Is Done!

The Greenfield Festival 2023 is excited to announce the complete lineup for this year's event. From June 8th to 10th, 2023, 40 top bands will perform at the Interlaken Airfield, providing an unforgettable music weekend.

The Greenfield Festival 2023 announces the complete lineup. From June 8th to 10th, 40 rock bands from all over the world will shake the audience at the Interlaken Airfield. The new bands completing the lineup are Hatebreed, Wolfmother, Mantar, Destroy Boys, Moment of Madness, and Windshelter.

Hatebreed | Hatebreed is a passionate metalcore band that fights against injustice and lies with their music. They inspire their fans to pursue their dreams and defeat their demons. Hatebreed's music serves as therapy for the soul and anger, creating a deep connection with their fans.

Wolfmother | A band that brings the classic rock 'n' roll feeling into the modern age. With their music, they tell stories, evoke emotions, and take their audience to other worlds. Always fresh, but loyal to their roots, Wolfmother keeps rock music alive and exciting.

Mantar | Erinç Sakarya and Hanno Klänhard, the duo behind the band, bring an explosive mix of sludge metal, black metal, and punk to the stage. Their unadulterated and powerful sound without bassists and overdubs fascinates fans worldwide. Inspired by legends like Melvins, Darkthrone, and Motörhead, they have already released four successful studio albums. Their latest release, "Pain Is Forever And This is The End," even reached number 2 on the German charts.

Destroy Boys | The Destroy Boys are an unconventional, high-energy punk rock band from Sacramento, California. With their rebellious attitude and a touch of humor, they advocate for social justice and women's rights.

Moment of Madness | The winners of the Greenfield Festival Band Contest Zurich will present their second studio album "At A Time" on the Greenfield Festival stage. The metalcore band from Baselland has built a loyal fan base with their high-energy sound and gripping lyrics.

Windshelter | The winners of the Greenfield Festival Band Contest in Montreux will captivate the audience with their dynamic and diverse sound. The Swiss post-hardcore band is currently working on a massive double EP for 2023 and is ready to unleash emotions with their energetic music.

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Nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable weekend full of insane music and fantastic vibes at Greenfield Festival 2023! ROCK IS ALIVE!