Bring me the Horizon

2024 marks the incredible 20th anniversary in the band’s history of Bring Me The Horizon. It feels like the world has been turned upside down in the ten years since their show at Greenfield Festival 2014, but if one thing remains the same, it's that Bring Me The Horizon will outdo themselves time and time again. While “Sempiternal” was the big breakthrough for the immensely successful British metalcore band in 2013, “That's The Spirit” and “Amo” gave the band even more wings. Wings that go up into flames with the “Post Human” series, but flying surely has never looked more beautiful. At the end of 2020 they released the first part of it, "Survival Horror", which sounds mental. The second part, “NeX Gen”, will follow in early 2024 after the final touches have been made. The first singles “sTraNgeRs”, “DiE4u”, “LosT” and “AmEN!” make it clear that the wild ride will definitely continue and the sound will lose absolutely nothing of its attitude and wham!

13 – 15 Jun