Important Info

  • Greenfield Festival Tickets 2019

    Buy your tickets right here or at Ticketcorner (phone: 0900 800 800 (CHF 1.19/min.)), at or at Die Schweizerische Post, Manor, Coop City as well as all other booking offices by Ticketcorner.

    Entry Caming Grounds:
    3-Daypasses Wed 12.06.2019 - 16.00 o'clock

    2-Daypasses (Thu/Fri) - Thu 13.06.2019 - 09.00 o'clock

    2-Daypasses (Fri/Sat) - Fri 13.06.2019 - 09.00 o'clock

  • Greenfield Festival Membership Gold (3 Days) inclusive various accommodation packages

    You want to enjoy the Festival in a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere? With more comfort, space and amenities, but right in the middle of the Festival, next to the Main Stage then the Greenfield Festival Member Village is exactly the right place for you.

    Can only be bought in advanced until Friday, May 24th 2019.

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  • Greenfield Festival Membership (2 Days)

    2-Day Passes are available here. Grab'em while you can!
    With Camping-Upgrade, Parking-Upgrade, VIP-Upgrade and Greenfield Festival Fan-Shirt!

    Can only be bought in advanced until Friday, May 24th 2019.

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  • Sign up as Greenfield Festival Ambassador

    Want to become an official Greenfield Festival Ambassador? Bring your friends and earn free tickets & exclusive rewards including merchandise, drink tokens, VIP upgrades, Backstage Tours, a Free Hotel stay, and more!

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  • Camper-Tickets

    One Ticket per Trailer, per Vehicle, per Tent required! Tickets
  • Camping Claims 2019

    You travel with a group, but do not feel like having the task to keep the camping spots free for them? Then you can reserve your area in advance..
    Secure your own piece of “Greenfield”-land for your friends and yourself on the festival grounds – with the new Camping Claims!

    For a total of 200 CHF for max. 10 people, 50m2 camping ground and your own Camping Claim shield. The Camping Claims are exclusively available in advance booking until 24th May 2019.

  • KarTent Camping 2019

    Green Camping at Greenfield... sleep in a 100% recyclable and water-resistant tent out of cardboard. The KarTent is for a maximum of 2 persons and can be booked with air mattress and sleeping bag…

    KarTent-Packages are available for CHF 99.00 for 2 persons, exclusive 3-day-pass – they have to be booked in addition. The KarTents are solely available in presale until the 24th May 2019.