Feine Sahne Fischfilet

With “Sturm & Dreck”, Feine Sahne Fischfilet made it way up to number 3 in the German charts for the first time five years ago and subsequently achieved what is commonly called “making it”. The halls and open air venues at their own shows also became increasingly larger. Feine Sahne Fischfilet gave their listeners a hug when smoke was covering their sight. And it was actually always burning. Everything was a part of it: disenchantment, drunkenness, fun, agitation, reason, riots and excess. And because the band repeatedly got involved in politics and offended some, trouble is inevitable and often permanent. Nazis, AfD and local and national right-wingers of all stripes repeatedly put obstacles in the band's way. The songs on their new album “Alles glänzt” are about all the madness, all the ambivalences, all the good, and all the bad days. They keep crossing musical boundaries, making their uptempo punk rock a multi-faceted listening pleasure that will not only move the legs, but also the hearts of their fans.

13 – 15 Jun