Future Palace

Future Palace are one of the most aspiring post-hardcore acts in Germany. Their second album “Run” talks about the aftermath of a toxic relationship and shows in a visually stunning and vulnerable way that the struggle with one's own salvation is only the beginning, even after escaping from a dramatic situation. The band sets these painful processes to music in dramatic post-hardcore, which is able to atmospherically reproduce the ups and downs of one's own emotions. Brutal like Holding Absence, Spiritbox or While She Sleeps, irresistible and sweeping like Bring Me The Horizon or Pvris – Future Palace sound out all extremes and arrive at a synthesis that is as real as life. At the center of this aggressive sound garment is always the courage to fight your way out of your own abysm. Impressive, powerful and emotionally thrilling - Future Palace surely deliver.

13 – 15 Jun