What a blast it was in 2017, when Kraftklub played at Greenfield Festival for the first and, up until now (!), last time.The atmosphere was ecstatic, everyone was waving their shirts in the air and everyone's throats surely were sore the next day. Repeat? Yes, please! With “KARGO”, Kraftklub released their fourth studio album in 2022, which once again shot to the top of the German charts - for the 4th time in a row! With their mix of garage rock, rap and indie, the band from Chemnitz not only generates lyrical and musical hits, but also takes a clear stand against right-wing extremism. Kraftklub not only demonstrated how they can move the masses at their “Wir sind mehr” open air in Chemnitz in 2018, but also at many large festivals, such as their very own “KARGO” open air shows or at Rock Am Ring. The anticipation is great, throw on the guitars, we'll sing along!

13 – 15 Jun