The Baboon Show

THE BABOON SHOW are finally back with their new album “God Bless You All”.  Have they become religious? No way! Because THE BABOON SHOW are still on the trail of questioning all possible authorities and injustices, in whatever form. “God Bless You All”  is a never-ending THE BABOON SHOW rock and roll party, just as it should be. This is the band's tenth studio album, and the twelve songs, which were produced by THE BABOON SHOW and Johan Gustafsson, bassist of The Hives, mostly during Corona times, deal with a wide range of current topics. A lot of blood, sweat and tears were shed. But now the album is finally here and Cecilia, Frida, Simon and Niclas can't wait to go on tour and see you all very soon! Founded in 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden, THE BABOON SHOW have performed their crazy, hyper-energetic live shows all over the world. From Scandinavia across Europe to China and Cuba. For their fans, they are one of the best live acts in the world. Do not miss out!

13 – 15 Jun