Palaye Royale

Living out a wild odyssey worthy of legends, Palaye Royale’s adrenaline fueled, rock n’ roll circus is leading a generation in togetherness through truth, honesty, and change. First landing in Los Angeles as teenagers, Las Vegas-bred brothers Remington Leith (vocals), Sebastian Danzig (guitar), and Emerson Barrett (drums) , worked their way up through the ruthless L.A. rock scene while briefly living out of their car, soon finding themselves playing arenas with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and Stone Sour. In an unexpected yet auspicious turn, the trio’s fourth full-length “Fever Dream” emerged from a much-needed break in the chaos, with the three classically trained musicians returning to their roots and composing most of the album on piano. Equal parts ecstatic head rush and in-depth meditation on the state of the human psyche, the result is Palaye Royale’s boldest and most visionary body of work to date. Never stopping, relentlessly moving forward, Palaye Royale released a brand new EP titled “Sextape” in December 2023. 

13 – 15 Jun