The Interrupters

When considering Los Angeles outfit The Interrupters, take a moment to kindly forget jargon like “SoCal punk rock” or “next wave ska” or whatever perimeter you want to secure around them. The Interrupters are The Interrupters. A typical Interrupters gig feels like going to church where all the religious iconography is taken out and replaced with mirrors so the band and audience become one. Twelve years in, four records deep, an incalculable number of road miles logged around the world, and significant radio chart success, The Interrupters remain committed to shaking off the ghosts, doing the work, and uplifting their fans for some psychic crowd-surfing. We live in a world where many bands’ level of fan investment is limited to waving at them through an open five-inch space of tinted limo windows. By comparison, The Interrupters are so dedicated to their mission, they’ll practically hang on the corner with you while you wait for your Uber. For that reason alone, you should see where their new album “In The Wild” will take you.

13 – 15 Jun